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Here Comes Fall!!

I am definitely a summer person. Summer weather is good weather. I like the warmth. I'll take being too hot over being too cold any day!! That being said, as much as I love wearing my summer clothing and as much as I don't like it getting cold outside, I do like fall/winter clothing (for like a week, maybe two). The big, bulky sweaters, the riding boots, blanket scarves, hats, etc. They're all wonderful!! But once again, just for a week or two! I love my summer weather!! Last weekend I went to visit some of my bestest friends! We went shopping and I got a super cute dress. I had to wear it right away, because that's what I like to do when I buy new clothes! So, in addition to the fact I bought a new dress and I was cold when I was getting ready for work (and frequently cold at work) I enjoyed a preview of fall clothing on Monday. Old Navy was one of our stops for the day. There was a really cute pair of pants that drew me into the store. Unfortunately, they didn&

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